Quiz 4: Creating Forms and Reports


Form Tool versus Form Wizard Form is a database object; form can be created from table or query. Form contains information about records in table or query. Form can be created using many options in forms group of the create tab such as form tool, blank form, form wizard, more form drop down box. There are some differences when form is created from form tool and form wizard. They are img

Theme A theme is a visual appearance of the form including form colour, effect and font. It also means a collection of template used to define layout and style of entire application. Applying a theme to the form makes the form to look more effective. Steps to apply theme to the form: • Create a form with table or query. Form can be created from forms group of create tab. • Change the form to layout view, which is available in views group of home tab. • Click design tab on the ribbon. Click themes button in the themes group. • List of themes appear in built-in group, you can move over the themes to see appearance of the form of particular theme. • Select the theme you want by clicking it. • Right click the selected theme , it gives you options such as apply theme to all matching objects, apply theme to this object only, make this theme the database default. • You can select apply theme to this object only , to make the form applied with the selected theme. • Now the form appearance has been changed according to selected theme. You can also browse for more themes in your system and apply it to form.

Control Item • Form can be interacted by many database users. For easy interaction to form, place many controls. Control becomes the part of the form. • Add controls to form in design view or layout view. A contro l is an item on a form, report, or other database object that you can manipulate to modify the objects appearance. • Some controls available in form are text box, label, tab, hyper link and so on. • These controls are available in controls group of the design tab. Click the control and place it on the form or report. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blank is Control Item.

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