Quiz 3: Maintaining and Querying a Database


Navigation mode is the default mode in datasheet view; it selects entire field value to whichever record you move. Entire value is replaced with the new value. In this mode, value is highlighted in black colour. When you press f2 mode gets changed to edit mode.f2 is common function key to switch between edit mode and navigation mode. In edit mode even single character of the field can be changed without replacing the entire field value , an insertion point blinks at the end of a particular field value. You can move the insertion point using arrow keys to the place where you want to edit the field value. There are some differences between these two modes. They are img .

Access has the feature of hide and unhides table's fields. This feature will help user to remove the display of certain field in the Datasheet view. • The Hide feature allows users to remove the display of one or more fields, and the Unhide command allows users to redisplay the hidden fields. • For hiding the field, select the field by clicking field title, and then in the Home tab, navigate to Record group. Under more options, click Hide Fields. img • This action will immediately hide the selected field. img

Select query is a type of query which is used to select and display fields from one or more database tables in design grid. Fields selected using select query are displayed in query result based on its criteria. Criteria in select query must match records in field. • You can use select query type to group the records and calculate, average, min, max, count and so on. These options are available in total specification in design grid. • You can sort records of the selected field either ascending or descending using sort option in column specification. • Show specification checkbox is checked in default, it shows the field when you run the query. If the check box is unchecked, field will not be displayed in result of the query. • Criteria specification is user defined, you can specify the conditions for the records to be displayed in datasheet and when you run the query. You can specify criteria for more than one field at the same time. Result of the query will be displayed based on all given criteria. • Or specification is also user defined condition where you can specify other condition which is not defined in criteria specification. Consider an example with the hospital table having fields such as child name, gender and birth date/time. img • Child name and gender fields are added in select query type design grid. • Total - group by for both fields. • Sort - ascending for child name field alone. • Show - both fields are checked. • Criteria - female for gender field alone. • Or - john is given in child name field and male is given in gender field. Now when you run the query by pressing run button in results group of design tab or change the view to datasheet, query is displayed in following way. img The result of the query is based on given specification and criteria.