Quiz 2: Building a Database and Defining Table Relationships


Database Management System is a useful tool, if we create and design a database carefully as per the needs of user. When you design a database, need to follow some guidelines. The following are the some Guidelines for designing Databases: • Identify all the fields needed to produce the required information. • Organize each piece of data into smallest useful part. • Group related fields into tables. • Determine each table's primary key. • Include a common field in related tables. • Avoid data redundancy.

• The main purpose of data type property is, it is used to specify the type of values which can enter into field. • Data type also describes the other properties of the field. • The data type may be text, number, date, auto number etc. • The default data type for the field is text. • By using this data type property, we can know the field size also. • Each field must have a data type, it may assign by user or automatically by access database. • By default data type for a new field is text. Example: Student table has some date of joining field, we should declare the field as "date" type, and then it allows us to enter only date values.

• The caption property is the field property that specifies how the field name is displayed in the database objects, including table and query datasheets, forms and reports. • Caption is a string that can contain up to 2,048 characters. • The main purpose to set the caption property is to make the user read the field names easily. • If the caption property is not set, access will assign the object a unique name such as field1, form1. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blank is caption.