Organizing the files: In a computer, organizing the files is the most essential task. • Files are mostly grouped into folders. A folder is the container which is stored with specific name given by the user. • Inside the folders, the files are kept and stored with the appropriate names. • The files maintained in the folders help the user to identify the files easily and efficiently at timely manner. Therefore, the files are organized and stored in folders.

Address bar displays the location or address of a file in the computer. Address bar is used to navigate to different folders. The main purpose of address bar is to navigate from one place to another place in the computer. For example: If one wants go to My Computer, just click on the address bar or else use the arrow button given in address bar to navigate to the place one want in the computer.

A file name is made up of file name followed by a dot and a two or three -letter file name extension. The extension specifies the type of the file and also indicates the program in which the file was created. For example: sample.doc is a word document file. is a java file. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blanks is extension.