Quiz 8: Performance Management and Rewards


The mental model of leadership of Mr. Y could be explained by stating that Mr. Y received good education using which he flared successfully in his career pursuing and achieving all round success. Due to his skilled memory and excellent command over language he got promoted to superior position quite early. This has made Mr. Y to believe that literacy is must and everyone who has acquired education and knowledge could excel in whichever field he aspires to work at. Mr. Y works over a motive that there is no shortcut to success, and above that if an individual learns how to prioritize his work then there is nothing that could stop an individual from achieving his gaols and ambitions in life. Everyone should live and let others live so that no one could be deprived of what he has always desired to achieve in life. This way the mental model of leadership of Mr. Y showcases his positive leadership wherein he wish all round success of every employee and subordinate.

Management stands for the process of managing and controlling the activities that are planned to undertake so as to make the plans to work upon effectively and with pre-determined objectives. The difference between leadership and management is that in leadership, the individual leading the team is delegated with a particular responsibility to achieve certain task; while in management the individual has to manage each and every action and deliver roles of planner, director, organizer, controller, supervisor etc. providing an all-round success to towards effective management. The characteristics of leadership and management is necessarily applied to all levels of management because every organization has to lead, plan, direct, control, organize and create a budget for each and every task and activity it undertakes and performs. And for this there is a great need for applying all the characteristics of leadership and management as a whole in achieving various actions and activities of the organization.

It is said that "managers are born or made, and a successful manager either possess the managerial qualities or he does not have it at all". This argument could be explained by stating that it is true that successful managers are born but it is also completely wrong to say that managers are not made. This is because though there are certain qualities and habits of successful managers like punctuality, persistence, discipline, determination, hardwork, networking etc. that makes them successful individuals in whichever position or career they work at, but it is not that individuals who are not born or have acquired the above-mentioned qualities could not be moulded into successful managers. People could be made excellent managers if they are trained and provided skill for the same. With continuous practice and diligent work, any individual could be moulded into a great manager achieving the targeted mission, objectives and goals individually as well as for the organization. Thus, on this basis it could be concluded managers are born but they could also be made in a proper way.