Quiz 10: Groups in School Settings


Groups can be formed keeping in mind the goals, members and the outcome. When it comes to children or adolescents it would be important to keep in mind all important factors in designing the group. I want to form a group for children to raise self awareness. Goals • To assess self-esteem in children • Identify what they believe about themselves considering both positive and negative factors • Increase their value and positive mental attitude Importance • Self-awareness is an important skill which they should develop. • Helps in identifying strengths and weaknesses • Helps in achieving the dream • Helps in identifying and improving behavior towards others • Helps in identifying others' feelings. Setting up of group • There are no special criteria to attend the session hence children who are interested and belongs to same age group, preferably 6 to 11 years of age can attend the session. • It would be important to conduct a survey to understand the needs of the children and based on that create a group which is called orientation session. • Also, children who are shy need to be motivated in order to give it a try. • The ones who are not interested can leave the group anytime. • The necessary material required for the session would be small slips of papers, large posters, shapes of each child, drawing material and coloured pens or crayons. • It is also important to plan the celebration session once all the sessions are completed to understand their feelings and satisfaction level. Format of the group • The format of the group is to provide learning through fun activities. The session is divided into introduction, activities and conclusion. • Introduction time of 10 minutes will be to discuss about their feelings, revision of the previous day session and what should be discussed on today's session. • The next 40 minutes is the activity phase will includes learning through fun activities. • The final 10 minutes will be a conclusion about the day and their reaction about the learning. This can be discussed by providing snacks to children. Structure of the group • This can be a 5 day session. Orientation should be conducted on the first day to understand their needs and what they expect. • Individual activities should be conducted next four days and fourth day should also include celebration. Day 1: Orientation • This day includes understanding each other, their needs, expectations, rules of classroom, punctuality, self-disclosure etc. • This is very important day because the members will get to know each other, understand each others' views, skills and how they need to work collaboratively to make the sessions successful. Day 2: What they like about them • This can be done by dividing the children into pairs and asking them to interact with each other to know whom they admire the most and the reason. • Each partner will explain the same thing in front of the group about his or her partner. • Asking each member to write down or draw what they like the most beside their smiley symbol. Day 3: What they like about others • They need to go to each member one by one and tell them what they like the most about them. • Each children need to reply to others by writing in a piece of paper what they thing about their comment. • Group discussion about themselves, what good they have done for others, how they react to bad situations. Day 4: It's me • This will be an individual activity where each member need to write down in big poster about their qualities, what they want to change in them, their biggest strength and what they want to change. • The group will review the sheet and give remarks what they think about all the four attributes of each member. • Making hand prints on chart paper and writing their names to make them realize that everyone is different from one another. Day 5: I am the best • This would be the interactive session where each member will give one quality about them and why they think they are the best. • Question answer session from the speaker. • Celebration which includes what they have learned about themselves and others. Methods for evaluating outcomes The outcome can be evaluated based on the questionnaire that can be given to children to mark appropriate answers. This can also be considered as the feedback for the speaker and the group. It can also helps in evaluating their attitude and behavior and whether the goal is met.

The challenges in doing group work with children or adolescent groups are as follows:- • It would be difficult to make them participate actively in group activities. • The acceptance level of children or adolescent will be very less for the other members and the speaker. • Lack of creativity may hamper the progress of the group as they will not be able to express their feelings appropriately. • Adolescents or children cannot build trust easily so it would be important for the speaker to build rapport, understand them and respect their feelings and thought process. • Self-disclosure process becomes difficult most of the time because children and adolescent ask direct question to the speaker about his or her personal life. They relate the topics that are being covered in the session to the speaker's personal life. Revealing too many personal information would not be appropriate for the speaker however handling the situation effectively may helps in building trust. The unique benefits of group participation in children are:- • It helps in developing skills and knowledge that are very important in professional world. • Positive group experience helps them to use in day to day life. • It helps in developing stronger communication skills. • They can solve the problem easily or complete the take faster than doing it on their own. • Helps in sharing best practices. • Helps in resolving differences. • Helps in building trust and maintain good relationship.

T-MAC group is nothing but Teens Making A Change is a group formed which focus on teen age group individuals and are designed in order to bring changes in their behavior pattern and thought process. Launching and functioning of group depends on permission or approval from school administration in order to make the program adaptable to school settings. These are the few points that a director or the principal should discuss:- • It would be important for the principal or school administration to see what benefits or changes such groups can bring to the students and to the school. • Teacher or parents takes responsibility to nominate the members for T-MAC group. • Entire classroom along with teacher or counselor can participate in this group. • The group needs to be designed keeping in mind the total time to complete the sessions. • The group should include field activity as one of the important task in the group. • The group needs to abide by the rules and regulation of school. • Safety measures should also be discussed prior to group activities. • It would be important to discuss about what needs to be done in order to maintain confidentiality about few things which might be risky. Self-disclosure which may be risky should be kept confidential. • Parents should also get involved in such activities.