Quiz 2: The Group Counse


Leaders are people who motivate their peers and team for doing better. They lead their team toward fulfilling their goals. Leadership is an art of encouraging, inspiring and helping others to work enthusiastically towards objectives. The leader is a center of the group's power structure of the group who infuses energy into the group maintaining its momentum A leader is a person who influences a group of people towards achievement of a common goal. A leader must consistently plan, attract, motivate and retain the spirit in his followers. A reign of a good leader has always proven to be better system in any process. It is the leader's job to actively work at shaping group norms. Norms are the standards followed by members in the organization. Not all members may have the capacity to decide them. Leaders by virtue of their past experience can better decide them and motivate their team members to work for it. Therefore, 1=Strongly agree is the apt position for the statement.

A group leader is one dynamic person who possesses several qualities. Some of the skills that are already possessed by a person to lead a group are as follows: • A leader is a great speaker and excellent communicator who conducts meetings effectively. • He/she is a motivator and understands his team quite well. • He leaves no stone unturned to motivate his team and makes sure that they achieve their targets well in time. • He is strictly professional person and knows how to get the work done. Apart from these, he regularly holds follow up meeting in order to discuss the previous matters. • A leader does not shy himself from giving opinions to his team and giving them other related feedback. Some of the specific skills that are required to be improved or acquired are as follows: • Delegate: It is important for the leader to delegate tasks to the appropriate departments by trusting the team members and providing them appropriate business opportunities. • Honesty : A good leader is honest in nature and never cheats with the management and the team member. • Communication : A good leader has good communication skills and makes sure that every team member understands the departmental goals easily and effectively. Hence, these are some of the specific skills that are required to be improved.

Listening is an important aspect of every conversation. Unless the person actively listens to the other person, he will not only understand what the other person is trying to say but also might misinterpret the whole thing. Hence it is important for two people to listen to each other. The ranking of active listening on a scale of 1 to 3 is shown as below for each of the options. a)2 b)1 c)3 d)2 Listening to nonverbal language is generally done occasionally by the listener while the remaining options throw light on the good and best techniques to be a good listener. For example, the ability of the listener to interpret the overt and subtle messages