Quiz 11: Separating and Retaining Employees


Employers and employees together form a team. A team is required to work towards a common goal of generating huge returns for the business. While doing so, both the employers and the employees should take care of legal and ethical obligations they are bounded with. Respecting each other's opinions and to be fair towards each other are the keys towards long-term relation. In today's competitive world, it is must to track employees' working hours so that the payment for overtime can be given accordingly. It is a reasonable requirement from both employers' and employees' sides. At workplace, ethics should always be followed. Ethics says that there should be no cheating towards the work allotted and there should be no cheating towards the compensation employees are liable for. When a proper tracking system is used, it will be easy to calculate the number of overtime hours. Using same calculation the employees will get paid. It is very important to keep the work atmosphere clear and transparent. Overtime should always be given as an optional approach. People who want to earn extra can be told to stay for extra hours and those who are not in need of extra money they can leave the office on time to fulfill the other responsibilities they bear.

No doubt military personnel deserve some extra respect in comparison to civilians. The sense of patriotism compels civilians to possess the high respect towards personnel belongs to defense services. These people are different from the others as they put their life on stake to save other people's lives. This fact is admired by all irrespective of caste and creed. In the given case there are some companies who are been rewarded for the efforts they have taken for the employees who have been called to their duties of defense services. They are paid differentials and their families are continued to get benefits. Their families are also given care packages in their absence from companies' side. The reasons for the same are mentioned as patriotism and concern for employees' well- being. Besides this providing these benefits will compel the employees to resume the companies' duties once they are free from their services. The arguments are ethical and possess strong business argument. From a business point of view, providing benefits to such employees results in formation of a positive image of the company. These activities make the company recognized and a nominee of various rewards. A business minded people thinks about the company's benefits which lies with employees' retention. This activity acts as a strong source for employee retention as they observe the benefits company is providing to them. A company with ethics has high chances of long-term survival in the market. This activity of organization makes it preferable choice for the employees to work with.

Gender differences in salary are not new. For similar positions women are offered less salaries in comparison to men. Majority of the women have accepted this work culture. They have set their minds for salary issues. Thinking ethically, it is really not acceptable as it is a kind of discrimination against women. Employer sees the advantage in hiring a female by offering her less salary. The employers are liable to save company's cost in whatever way possible. This is the reason they don't see any ethical issues while offering low pay to female employees. This practice has been continued from last so many years and still it is continuing in the same way. The employers just see the advantages; they forget that each coin has two sides. The negative consequences and risks involved in the process of hiring women at low pay scale are as follows: • Women can never get equality if this process continues. This is both gender inequality and discrimination. • The number of women in senior executives' positions is quite less than the number of men. This is because of the discrimination being done to them in the form of less compensation. • Many women leave their career in between because of these issues. They try to speak up but they never get the same amount even after that. • Gradually, the women have adopted themselves to this situation and have compromised with the same. This is not a good sign if the country really wants to achieve equality in all forms. • In spite of possessing the same skillset women are asked to compromise, this shows the ill mentality of the employers which in turn spoils the ethical image of the company.