Quiz 7: Training Employees


Assessing readiness among employees while opting for a gaming platform to conduct trainings is must. There are many people who don't like to play online games; they hardly show their interest for the same. Since training programs are mandatory for all the employees, it is must to check their feasibility. Training programs are formulated on the basis of employees' level of understanding. It is the duty of the company authorities to check how many of the employees are ready to attend these types of trainings. To asses readiness among employees for the I8 training program following measures can be taken: • A questionnaire comprising of understanding and interest of online games will provide a clear result. • A poll can be conducted specifying the questions with reference to the comfort of the people regarding gaming training platform. • An internal survey without highlighting the names of the employees can be conducted regarding their opinions about this training program. The results will clearly depict the readiness of the employees. If it is mandate to conduct the program through gaming, the employees should be trained for the same. Interest should be made to develop among them so that they can get the essence of the training.

Trainings differ from business to business; trainings are planned as per the needs of the respective organization. They are formulated in accordance with the improvement of those skills which are essential from business point of view. Training at food company W is directly related to its organizational needs. All the employees are made familiar about the product knowledge so that they can communicate the same to the customers. Food safety standards are the part of their trainings to ensure that employees keep the food according to desired ideas. They are given the instructions regarding cooking and baking, they discuss the same with customers which develops their interest in purchasing. Besides this, they are also given trainings regarding customer service and working towards a common goal. All these things are in relevance with the food business. The company believes that food business training should be multisensory and that is why it organizes hands-on trainings. It takes care of its organizational needs properly. All the training programs are planned keeping under consideration the organizational needs.

Law firm is involved in the diversity training in its firm but it has failed to achieve the objective of diversity training because it has focussed only on training and have skipped other steps involved before the implementation of training. Below mentioned are the steps law firm has skipped before it set up training: 1. Assessment of Training Needs. Law firm should have assessed the training need with the alignment of organization objective that is attracting and retaining female attorney. It can be assess through the organization analysis, person analysis and task analysis. As through the organization analysis it can gain information regarding the support of management regarding the training. Organization can motivate employees for attending training by making them aware regarding the importance of training objective. 2. Readiness for Training. Law firm should have assessed the readiness of employees for training through the person analysis. As if uninterested employees attend the training then the objective of training will be ineffective. In the present case of law firm the employees did not implement the changes taught in training and continued with the same way of working that is firm assigned its big clients to male attorneys.