Quiz 6: Selecting Employees and Placing Them in Jobs


Being an HR manger of company, one can't take the things for granted. It is a very decent position which demands a balanced approach in all scenarios. This position is a bridge between the management and the employees, slight carelessness can lead to serious conflicts. While recruiting for a managerial position, educational background of candidate is important at all situations. Sales and other performance based jobs can have little liberty on this but for an important management positions no compromise can be entertained. These positions holds a great deal of responsibilities, their educational background have to be strong. In fact, proper and relevant degrees are mandate requirements for these positions. The people on these positions represent company at various places; hence, their educational background is extremely important. Candidates' track record is as important as candidates' educational background. Managers are responsible for managing company's issues of all sorts. Their track record should show the consistency and dedication towards the employers the candidates have worked before. No managerial position can be filled without proper track record check. There should not be discrepancy of any kind between what is mentioned in the resume and what candidate does in real. A person with a weak track record can lead to many serious frauds in the company. Hence, checking track record is very important.

Recruitment and selection process of almost all the companies are based on the educational backgrounds and track records of the candidates. There is a proper two or three step process which is followed while hiring an employee. Some companies are changing this trend gradually and adopting innovative processes for the same. Company G's selection criteria of using questionnaires is a reliable and valid way to select employees. By doing so the company is not keeping educational and academics background aside instead it tries to measure all the factors which are directly or indirectly responsible for company's growth. Questionnaires are generalized way to observe what majority of the people think and do at a specific situation. Academic alone is not suitable to convey that a person can be a good candidate for the open position. There are multiple other factors which are required. By adopting these innovative approaches company G is giving an open way to skills and talents. The way of selection given in the case is more like a self-analysis and self-observatory one, so it is the valid of recruitment and selection process.

The case depicts the behavior of human resource managers when candidates go and meet them for the recruitment process. HR mangers receive volumes of resumes for a single vacant position. Their job is tedious and requires proper attention. It is a well-known fact that all the candidates can't be hired. If a company does not plan to hire a candidate who has been interviewed, it should communicate the same to the employees through any means. However, it does not matter to the company whether this is communicated to the candidates; but it matters a lot to the candidates who keep on waiting for just one phone call or one e-mail to get the results of the interview that have gone through. Candidates eagerly look for the replies from the firms. After getting the reply from the concerned company, they plan their next step otherwise their whole time gets wasted while waiting for the answer. Besides this, the company managers also promise the same to the employees that they would be informed about the interview results within a week or two. At least they should fulfill the promises they make. It becomes their ethical obligation to inform the candidates that their candidature has not been accepted currently. The message can be conveyed through am e-mail as well. HR mangers should take care that the communication is closed from their end.