Quiz 5: Planning for and Recruiting Human Resources


Personal policies are the methods, rules, and regulations followed by the company to hire employees for the organization. The policy of the company determines the availability of the candidate suitable for the jobs. The personal policies help in determining the skills and abilities required for a vacant job position. The policy of the company in recruiting people is significant than the recruiters. The personal policies that the company follows are finding and motivating the best candidates available for recruitment. The company provides various monetary and non-monetary benefits to recruit employees suitable for the organization. The company follows a flexible approach towards the working conditions so that the working conditions can cater to the needs of the employees. The method of recruitment followed is the external source of recruitment where the candidates are recruited from outside the organization. The method of an external source of recruitment followed here is the recommendation from existing employees. It is the method of recruitment in which the existing employees recommend people they know who can fill the job position and become an asset for the organization. The company also follows lead the market pay strategy where compensation is not an issue for the company if the candidate can give the best results. The company offers the employees to design their own compensation plans with a flexible work environment so that employees can work to their maximum potential. Hence, the work environment and personal policies in the company are employee-friendly.

The hospitality industry is seasonal and requires more employees during the peak seasons. The supply of labor is less in the hospitality industry because of the seasonal nature of the job. The restaurant is not able to find workers even when the wages are increased. The job positions could not be filled by the candidates from within the country so, the restaurant opted for the method of recruiting laborers from outside the country. Since, the government policies for migrating workers to the country change frequently this method of recruitment is unstable. Recruitment is the search for prospective candidates and influencing them to apply for vacant job positions in the company. Recruitment can be done both from internal and external sources. The internal sources are the recruitment done from within the organization and external sources are the recruitment done from outside the organization. The sources of recruitment that were followed here but failed or cannot be followed are recruiting students from colleges and universities as students do not want to work in restaurants. They want to improve their profile by public service or travel experience. Outsourcing cannot be followed as the work cannot be transferred to the other organization. The advertisement in newspapers also did not generate effective results. The employer can use public employment agencies to find workers with the required skills. The agency has data about the unemployed people in the country with details about their skills and qualifications. The candidates having the required skills will be recommended and interviews can be conducted to recruit them. The public employment agency charges no cost for their services. Hence, the method is less expensive.

H-2B VISA- It is visa for inhabitant or nonimmigrant scheme allow employers to hire foreign workers to come for the time being or on temporary basis to the U.S.A and perform temporary basis or for the moment nonagricultural and non farming services or labor on a former and one-time, like year around or seasonal, peakload, sporadic, intermittent basis. The other options or choices available for filling and getting the employment or jobs as follows:- • There are various types of work or job visas available to foreign or overseas nationals who want to do job in the U.S.A. • It includes • The Green cards - Green cards are made for the permanent residency in U.S.A. It gives permission to live and to do job in the U.S.A. It is an authorization to stay and work at U.S.A. • The temporary work visas - There are also temporary work visas which are used in U.S.A. It authorizes to stay and work at U.S.A temporary basis. • The Seasonal work visas - There are also seasonal work visas which are used in U.S.A. It authorizes to stay and work at U.S.A temporary basis. • The exchange worker visas - There are also exchange worker visas which are used in U.S.A. It authorizes to stay and work at U.S.A temporary basis. In this visa there is an addition U.S.A sends it worker to foreign country and take the worker from foreign country to worker in U.S.A. It is like an exchange program me.