Quiz 3: Providing Equal Employment Opportunity and a Safe Workplace


Workplace safety and health are not given as much attention as they actually require. This is because the chemicals and dust remain hidden. These hidden agents are very dangerous and this problem needs immediate solution. It is a fact that workplace safety and health are important concerns. Looking after additional needs of manufacturing and constructions sites is also important but it can't suppress the need of workplace safety. Employees join office to earn money and to give their contribution towards company's growth not to become sick. It is the need of the hour that clean and green initiatives should replace the cubicle culture of office. Every issue has alternatives; the only requirement is to adopt the change. If it is not done on an immediate basis, employees' productivity will continue to suffer. No sun light, hard cleaning agents, harmful emissions from printers and fungi producing carpets, all these cause negative impact on physical and mental health of the employees. The alternatives if taken will be beneficial to both the employers and the employees. For the employers, the performance graph of the employees will increase which in turn increases the company's productivity. The employees will feel the difference and will be more energetic to perform their tasks.

Discrimination and harassment at workplace is not a new thing. Companies make many laws to avoid these situations but they are hardly implemented anywhere. The need of the hour is to take serious actions for these issues otherwise they will keep on troubling the innocent people. Sex discrimination and sexual harassment laws were violated by the given company in the following ways: • It violated the law of equality of pay for equal amount of work. The average amount of earning of women described in the case was much less than the average amount of earnings of men. • It created an atmosphere of sexual and verbal harassment which is again violation of rules. The women were forced to go to strip clubs and the same case was file by many female employees of the same company. • It promoted gender discrimination by providing preferences to men employees. The accounts carried by women employees were distributed to men employees which is both discrimination and cheating. • It harassed women mentally by forcing them to drink and smoke. The women who refused to do that were deprived of big accounts. All the above points are against the companies' law and unethical. Severe course of actions can be taken against those who fail to follow their ethical obligations.

Discrimination at workplace is not a new thing. This case depicts examples of discrimination against female employees at the time of their pregnancy. It is not the incident of one company; the examples are taken from various companies located at different places. In first example, the promotion was offered to the lady when she was six months pregnant, she has shown ethical behavior by rejecting the offer as it was not the right time for her to justify the role she was being offered. In return, she was told to leave the company. It was clear that he has done it deliberately so that she could be terminated. That was a pure discrimination and it was done because she was pregnant. In the second example, a pregnant lady was terminated. She was told that she was not a sole earner of the family and the company could not afford her maternity leaves. This was an open discrimination case. In the third example, a lady's offer letter was revoked when she disclosed that she was pregnant. She was advised to apply after the baby was born. This again showed a clear discrimination. All the above cases show discrimination and the basis was pregnancy of female employees. All three courses of actions were wrong. Maternity leaves are the part of the compensation and benefits offered to the employees. In the third example, the employee may not be offered pay for the eaves taken but revoking the appointment letter was not ethical. In the previous two cases, terminating the employees just because they were pregnant is wrong and unethical.