Quiz 1: Managing Human Resources


Human resource management comprises of organization's practice of people dealing with practice, policies and systems influencing performance, attitude and behavior of employees. The process of human resource management deals with analyzing and designing jobs, recruiting and selecting, training and development along with performance management of employees. In the given case study, the business case of Company M is considered. The human resource management in Company M had poor communication with its employees. The human resource was not connected to the company and lacked clear vision of the goals to achieve for the organization. Employees were dissatisfied with the human resource management of Company M and considered it a black box. The human resource management in Company M lacked competent manager and leadership; there was no proper training and scopes to grow in career. Employees demanded clarity in compensation given to them, career growth scopes and efficient managers. The human resource management in Company M caused hindrance in the employee performance. The other aspects of performance which effective human resource management could improve in Company M are selecting and recruiting the right candidate in recruitment process and training the new employees. Proper recruitment process and suitable training by experts will improve performance, as employees will be aware and knowledgeable about the goals and culture of organization. Motivating employees through rewarding and appreciation for good performance will make employee committed and productivity will improve with enhanced performance.

Human resource management deals with the systems, practice, policies and behavior of people to manage the performance of people of any organization. Several vital human resource practices includes job analysis, job designing, selecting and recruiting candidates, training, development and managing performance. Planning and administering pay and benefits of employees, creating positive work environment and supporting organizational strategy are other practices of human resource. Company T is a federal agency protecting all modes of transportation in Country U. Employees of Company T screen person and scan baggage at the airport. The best human resource practice which will contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of employees of Company T is training and development and managing performance. Training will help employees to understand job well and improve performance. Development will enable employees to acquire skills and abilities to take up challenges, meet job requirement and handle customers well. Managing performance of employees in Company T is another best human resource practice suggested, as it will ensure that the activities and roles of employees matches the organization's need and goals. Other human resource practices which is recommended for the employees of Company T are selecting and recruiting right candidates through proper recruitment process. Building positive work environment through attitude survey, company publication, law compliance, labor relations, company handbook new career growth scope are recommended human resource practice for Company T.

The case depicts the loss incur to the retailers in the form of theft. Billions of dollars go in loss because of the theft issues the retail industry is facing. The case also highlights the anti-theft policies which are to be adopted by retailers. Retailers or the small business owners seem very particular about maximizing the profit and minimizing the expenses. They invest a lot of money in development strategies, but they are not sincere about using anti-theft measures. They should change this habit of theirs to save the inventory they use in their business. To secure their businesses from theft is not only essential for securing inventory but to secure ethics also. They can't let this happen without any kind of course of action. Theft is unethical and retailers should adopt measures like camera surveillance and active supervision in stores. While choosing anti-theft measures, the following ethical considerations should be given priority by the retailers: • There should be no cameras near greenroom or fitting room if any. • Employees' personal details and track records should be checked before hiring them. • There are many employees who are very ethical and loyal towards the company, they should not be suspected without any reason. It is better to equip the store with surveillance cameras. • There should be a baggage counter where customer should be told to keep their bags and essentials if any. This will maintain a transparency.