Quiz 45: Consumer Law


No, this reasoning should not impact the court's decision. Attorneys are held to a higher standard. Even if there is a reasonable misinterpretation, if that was always forgiven, then attorneys would have no incentive to double check their work and understanding of the law.

Analysis whether A should pay for the book or not: A is not responsible for paying for the book. It is illegal for a company to send merchandise to an individual who has not ordered or requested it and then demand payment. A can keep the merchandise, send it back, or throw it away and will not have to pay for it.

J's attorney is referring to the fact that ethical lawyers will still maintain a high standard of work, taking care and time to make sure they are doing what they should. However, other attorneys, who are less ethical, will cut corners and let mistakes into their work, because there is a good chance they will not be held liable under this rule.

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