Quiz 10: Coding Conditions of the Optical and Auditory Systems


The fetal and the mother's chart depict the conditions during the birth of the child. They are an indication of the presence of any disease or complication in the birth of the child or the pregnant female. The difference between the mother's chart and the baby's chart are as follows: img The mother's and baby's chart can be combined to study the health of the mother and the baby. They contain all the information necessary to identify the presence of any birth complications, genetic disease and so on.


The birth chart contains information in the codes that are standardized by the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). These codes help to decipher the details about the birth of the child. The very first codes for the childbirth are categorized from V30-V39. They infer details about the live born infants based on the type of birth. The "V" code represenets that the newborn baby is being dealt and treated by a medical practitioner and therefore it is the principle code. The following is the example of the codes that are depicted on the chart of the newborn: The codes V30 indicates single liveborn. The subcodes for V30 represents the following: • V30.0: born in the hospital. • V30.1: born before admission to the hospitail • V30.2: born outside hospital and not hospitalized. The very first codes that are presented on the chart of the new born are V30-V39 which provides all the information regarding the type of birth, place of birth, birth weight and so on.