Quiz 6: Cultural Contexts: the Influence of the Setting


The following are the ways in which students communication abilities affect teachers' perceptions of students: If students do not have professional communication, teachers will not accept or understand students' cultural communication style, then their educational performance will be affected or trapped by the communicative mismatches. It is determined that students know much more than what they are able to communicate or they may be communicating more than what their teachers are able to recognize.

The following are the purposes that language serves: When scholars refer to language and communication, their discussion is more regarding discourse dynamics than structural forms of writing and speaking. The language and communication styles are systems of cultural notations and the way through which ideas and thoughts are dramatically embodied. Rooted inside them are the cultural values and methods of knowing the strong influence on how students get occupied with learning responsibilities. A language is not merely a reproducing instrument for voicing ideas but rather it shapes ideas, the program and guide for the individual's mental activity, for personal analysis of impressions, for his synthesis of his mental stock in trade.

"The communication and language styles are systems of cultural notations and the way through which ideas and thoughts are vividly embodied." Explanation: Communication is governed by the rules of the social and physical context in which it occurs. The culture is the rule governing system that explains the functions, forms, and the matter of communication. Understanding connection among communication and culture is decisive in improving intercultural interactions. Communication is the quintessential way in which humans make meaningful connections among one another, whether in caring, loving, sharing, teaching, or learning. Language is the way of defining experience, thinking, and knowing. In this case, language is the semantic system of meaning and modes of conveyance that people habitually use the code to analyze, categorize, and interpret experience. Scholars explain that, "language is a guide to social reality, and a symbolic guide to culture. It powerfully conditions all of our thinking about social problems and processes". The languages used in different cultural system strongly influence how people think, know, do, and feel.