Quiz 4: Co-Cultures: Living in a Multicultural World


The authors have differentiated the culture and ethnicity in below mentioned ways : Ethnicity and culture are the concept that governs our exploration of African American communication. Culture consists of material items and shared cognitive that forge a group's identity and make certain its survival. Generally, culture is formed, shared, and transmitted through communication. Ethnicity pertains to the heritage, ancestry, and traditions that describe people. It is particularly perceptible in a group's expressive forms.

Effective behavior : The author defines effective behavior as a behavior which is productive and satisfying for both partners.

The author explains about the reward and relationship used by several countries as shown below : Mexican American prefer close bond relationship, they view this type of relationship as rewards. Among their ethnic group, satisfying communication involves non-verbal communication and self acceptance. Africans, Americans and European Americans are self oriented, they view rewards in something that the other partner might offer for themselves, instead of existence in the relationships.