Quiz 6: Percent


We wish to find here the exact and estimated difference of decimal number img from img . Estimate: Exact: img img img img img Therefore the estimated difference is img and exact difference is img .

Consider the expression provided in the text book. To complete an associative of arts degree: Since, the scholarship is as follow: img of img img of next img Then, the scholarship money will be calculated as follow: img Then the total semesters is calculated as follow: img Hence, the total semesters are 75. The total number of courses is calculated as follow: Since, one course takes 3 semester hour to complete. Therefore, img Hence, the total courses are 225.

To write percent as a decimal we follow the two steps: Step 1: Drop the percent sign. Step 2: Divide by 100 by moving decimal point two places to the left. Here we wish to convert img as a decimal. Therefore img

There is no answer for this question

There is no answer for this question