Quiz 32: Safety


Mr. Moore is very fond of his pets and loves gardening. Restraints are helpful in preventing any other injury or complication to the speedy recovery of the client, but it is the right of every client to become free from any restraint, of any kind, imposed on the client without the will of the client. Therefore, restraint should be imposed only for temporary and immediate results. Healthcare systems have changed their attitude from imposing the restraints to changing the behavior of the client. The clients are encouraged to restrict their harmful movements and habits rather than dictating them the instructions. Such restraint-free environment is very friendly to the client and it makes client stress-free. Such restraint-free environment has been found out to be associated with speedy recovery. Therefore, restraints might not be suited for Mr. Moore and restraint could make him stressed. Mr. Moore experienced confusion probably because of analgesics he used to relieve the pain. Therefore, this must have been treated as the controllable side effect of the medication by the nurse. Mild confusion should not be overcome by restraints. The psychological aspect of healing is very important. Mild confusion should be treated with encouragement, possible medications and restraint-free environment. Another reason for avoiding the restraints is the possibility of other injury or harm because of physical restraint used on the client. Inability to move body parts can also lead to injury if restraint is not imposed properly on the client.

The most important duty of a nurse is to save the client's life. In emergencies a nurses' first priority action should be to save the patient's life. Motor vehicles, fire, and burns are the major causes of injuries. Nurses should always be aware as to what constitutes a safe surrounding. People who are old and disabled have the problem in protecting themselves, so a nurse should take-charge in these cases to assess what kind of patients require more help than others. In case of a fire the most important nursing action is not reporting the fire. Extinguishing the fire will take time, and cause loss of life. Containing the fire is not the job of a nurse, and will lead to more casualties. Hence, the options 1, 2 and 4 are incorrect. Protecting the life of a client or patient is the utmost responsibility of the nurse. A nurses' main duty is to serve a patient, and she has to put it before everything, even her own life. Patient's life is the most important. Hence, the correct answer is option img .

Homes have certain added benefits for the speedy recovery. Patients do not feel stressed and presence of the family can boost his will to recover fast, but homes are not designed according to the needs of the patients and old adults. Their design and environment might not be conducive for the proper recovery of the client. Safe home needs well-maintained flooring as well as carpets, a non-skid bathroom, handrails, functioning smoke fire alarms and knowledge of escape routes. All these setting prevent injuries and provide safety to the clients. The carpets are common cause of fall in the house. Wet floors and frictionless flooring material are added to the safety concerns. Handrails attached to the staircase prevent injuries by giving a support to any person during a potential fall. Smoke fire alarms are necessary in case of any fire ignition. The client should also know the escape route to avoid the fire. Unavailability of necessary medicines during an emergency can also be considered as a demerit of homecare recovery. Family members need to restraint their behavior towards the client and they should avoid activities, which can lead to the injuries. Steepness of the stair steps and safety around the swimming pool is also vital for escaping any harm during the recovery. Lighting system of the home should be able to prevent any injury from happening. The dark zones should be avoided in the houses or temporary arrangements should be made during the recovery. Location of the home might also affect the recovery and chances of injuries. Municipal facilities, noise and traffic congestion around the home are also a safety hazard.

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