Quiz 27: Teaching


Teaching is defined as a system of activities that effectively delivers information and knowledge to one person from another. Client teaching in nursing is a multi-faceted aspect that promotes, provides and maintains good health. Mrs. Yorty is a 59 years old bank professional who has been diagnosed with coronary artery disease and stands a risk for a cardiovascular attack. She is pleasant and appears to be attentive but, is easily distracted when taught about health instructions. Mrs. Yorty is not at her best condition to receive the teaching from the nurse as indicated by the following facts: 1. Her recent diagnosis of coronary heart disease and the possibility of having a heart attack have preoccupied her attention. 2. Her professional responsibilities and the worry of unattended work during her period of absence cause mental stress, which make Mrs. Yorty easily distracted and anxious.

The need for learning is defined as the necessity to gain new knowledge or information regarding a subject that has been previously unknown to the learner. According to Bloom (1956), there are three primary domains of learning, namely affective domain, cognitive domain and psychomotor domain. The skill of administering an injection is associated with the psychomotor domain of learning which deals with a specific skill or ability that was previously absent in the learner. Insertion of a catheter is also a specific skill to perform a specific function. It is associated with the psychomotor domain, not the affective domain. Learning the procedure of reading is categorized under the cognitive domain of learning, not under the affective domain. Hence, the options 1, 3, and 4 are incorrect. The psychomotor domain of learning is associated with the learner's attributes of personality, attitude and emotions. Therefore, accepting the loss of a limb is a learning that is associated with the psychomotor domain. Hence, the correct answer is the option img .

Teaching is a dynamic system that delivers new knowledge and information from one person to the other. Client education in nursing is a multifaceted system that provides, promotes and maintains good health. Mrs. Yorty is a 59 years old bank vice president who has been diagnosed with coronary artery disease and stands a chance of having a cardiovascular attack (CVA). During the teaching session, she appears to be pleasant and attentive but, gets easily distracted. Assessment for learning needs reveals the deficiency and requirement of the client regarding knowledge on a particular subject or aspect of the teaching. In this case, the client is a well-educated woman but, she may still have deficient knowledge regarding maintaining appropriate diet. Physical activity and stress management as indicated by her diagnosis of coronary heart disease, which is predisposed by the above mentioned factors.

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