Quiz 22: Promoting Health in Young and Middle-Aged Adults


A nurse can ask questions that are related to the following topics for the health promotion activities: 1. The frequency of physical exercises and dental care treatment. This information will provide the nurse the information about a person's daily routine and lifestyle. The information can also be related to his health-conscious attitude. 2. Vaccinations against the well-known diseases. The information will provide the knowledge of the potential threats to a person. If he is not vaccinated against a communicable or infectious disease, then he might be susceptible to the diseases. 3. Other medical checkups. Routine blood tests can be recommended to assess the proper health of a person. The information will also be used for assessing any future complication of wrong lifestyle. 4. Smoking and addiction habits. Smoking and addiction of certain substances are common in the younger adults. These addictions can also be related to crimes. They have serious effects on the health and life of the addicts. 5. Safety measures being used during driving, sunbath, and so on. Young adults are at higher risk of accidents than the mature adults. Therefore, safety habits should be enquired. 6. Dietary habits. Dietary habits are the key to a good and healthy life. Flaws in the diets must be recognized for a proper health assessment. 7. Social and sexual interactions. Social interactions are a good way to know the lifestyle of a person. Young adults also have carefree sex life which can result in sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancies.

During the gradual age shift from 40 to 65 years, many physical changes occur in the female body. One such universal phenomenon is menopause, wherein menstruation ceases in women. The menopause usually occurs between the ages of 40-55 years. At this time, the ovarian activity decreases. As given in the question, most of the women have no cynical symptoms of menopause. There is a possibility of conception, but the ovulation is rarely predicted that increases the likelihood of unexpected pregnancy. Hence, the options 1, 2, and 4 are incorrect. Menopause refers to the stage in the life cycle of women, wherein there is a cessation of menstrual periods. The menopause can occur anytime between 40-50 years of age, but 47 years is taken to be the average age of women for menopause. Hence, the correct answer is the option img .

Mark Jones is a 22 year old adult. He works at a construction site as a worker. He visited the health center for a physical checkup. The result of the checkup is required for his rejoining in the job after taking an off for two weeks from the job. He took the off following an incident in which he fell from a ladder. He sustained a concussion and multiple contusion. He also mentioned that he enjoyed the two weeks with his friends, drinking beer and chasing women. Younger adults are known to be sexually active and careless. In the given situation too, Mr. Jones has admitted of chasing women during the two week break. Therefore, a nurse should ask about his sexual health status and the precautions he uses, if any. During the session, a nurse should not be judgmental of the client and should accept the lifestyle of the client as normal. She should also keep the information confidential. A nurse should simply treat such situations as a part of his/her job. Questions related to sexual habits and any chances of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) should be enquired without making the client feel awkward. She should also educate the client of the hazards of STDs and the prevention methods.

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