Quiz 16: Health Promotion


To advance to the next stage the nurse must be very careful and have patience too, because any move of her can affect the client's health status. She should not be rude, negative or taunting to the client because these are not helpful and are demotivating, resulting in no improvement of the client. Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition affecting the lungs. It can be an infection of one or both the lungs. With this, the air sacs in the lungs get filled with pus and may become solid too. The symptoms include fever, cough and the formation makes harder to breath. The information the nurse should remember is that the client is suffering from pneumonia and has smoking habits. Hence, she should work accordingly, keeping these in mind. Smoking is a very bad habit and it should be asked to stop immediately, even though the client feels here that he may put on more weight. She should be motivating, positive, supportive, and should understand his situation rather than just being inhuman. The nurse should take proper diet care too. The client must be encouraged to continue his low fat diet and the effort he is making to lose his weight should be appreciated and must be encouraged to continue.

Cancer is the most dangerous and harmful diseases next to venereal diseases. There are various types of cancer found in the community. There are various kinds of treatment available for cancer if diagnosed earlier and even for last stages of cancer. Cancer is both curable and deathful too. One of the treatments of cancer is chemotherapy. There are various centers available specifically for cancer giving the best treatment to the patients. Chemotherapy is the application of chemicals for the treatment of cancer, it basically involves in killing of the cancerous cells. So, these chemicals have side effects too and are very severe. There is hair loss in the patients, sudden abdominal pain, and weakness. Hence, the options 1, 2 and 4 are incorrect. The consequences or the side effects of chemotherapy would be known and this is the primary step to take. Support group can be later done, but it is important to know what would happen. Physical care is necessary, but that is done by the family and nurse however, but this is to be done firstly otherwise it can be dangerous to handle. Hence, the correct answer is option img .

The nurse can ask if he had tried any other ways to reduce the smoking habits and if the weight tends to increase, has he seen any doctor for this problem or not. The nurse can ask the client that since when he has started smoking. Also, about the diet control too, though it is mentioned that his wife makes low fat diet, it may be not working correctly according to the situation. Sometimes, smoking continuously and then suddenly stopping the regular habit can cause the increase in weight. So, the number of times he had tried stopping can be asked. The nurse can also ask if he regularly works out and if so how many times a day and how many hours of regular exercise is being done by him. These are some important questions a nurse should ask to the client. The nurse should ask if he feels better by the antibiotics given or is it worse. The interaction with the client is the best way to communicate and to know the problems better. She can also ask general questions about his family, business, and so on

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