Quiz 12: Diagnosing


Once the person is diagnosed with any disease he panics a lot, and may get panic attacks too. So, this is common to happen with anyone. A diagnosis with cancer is a difficult news to cope up with. So the inclusion of anxiety nursing diagnosis in the care plan is essential. The general symptoms of anxiety are panic, fever, uneasiness and problem in sleeping. Shortness of breath is also one of the physical symptoms. Anxiety is not a disease. It occurs usually due to the stress. There are various tests, which are done to confirm anxiety. The psychiatrist or physician may perform few tests and physical examination as there are no laboratory tests available for anxiety. Anxiety is described as an emotion, which is characterized by an unpleasant feeling of inner turmoil. It is often accompanied by the nervous behavior such as rumination, pacing back and forth and somatic complaints as well. It also includes the unpleasant feelings such as fear of death. Here, the person has diagnosed with lung cancer and it is a serious disease because of, which the client is experiencing the anxiety related to his treatment, survival, and expenses. The inclusion of anxiety in the nursing care plan will help in his treatment. Various therapies can help the client to overcome his anxiety. Counseling is very helpful and physical exercises too. Meditation and deep breathing exercises are also done. Drugs like diazepam, alprazolam are used for the treatment.

The client is suffering from seizure disorder. It is also called as epilepsy. The client with this disorder experiences abnormal behavior, sensations and sometimes, loss of consciousness. This disorder is caused due to brain's electrical activity which is periodically disturbed. The nerve cells in the brain sometimes cause abnormal signaling causing strange sensations. The nurse is conducting the diagnosing phase of the nursing process for this client. Assessing the client's needs comes under the analysis. Planning and formulating the diagnostic statement involves the determination of the interventions that are most likely to succeed. The cost is estimated in the planning phase. Hence, the options 1, 3 and 4 are incorrect. The step that comes between data analysis and formulating the diagnostic statement is to identify the health problems, risks and strengths of the patient. After the data is analyzed, the nurse can work together with the client in determining the strengths and problems related. Hence, the correct answer is option img .

Cancer is described as the group of diseases, which involves the abnormal cell growth in the body. In a few cases it is curable but it can cause death as well. There are various kinds of cancer found in the world. Cancer is caused due to the mutation in the cells. It can also cause due to the environmental factors, radiation, and genetic defects. The cancerous cells grow massively in numbers. The treatments of cancer are numerous and have been found very helpful these days. Along with anxiety, the other problems associated with cancer include fear, lack of sleep, and lack of appetite, being short tempered and lack of concentration. Anxiety directly affects the state of mind of a person. The patient feels very negative and upset. The person constantly feels anxious and fearful. He may start affecting his relationship with people around him and his sex life can also get disturbed. Fear induces the release of adrenalin (epinephrine) in the body, which prepares the body to face the situation known as flight or fight response. These are the natural responses experienced by a person diagnosed with cancer. Heart rate goes up, it starts pounding and mouth becomes dry. Sometimes just the word "cancer" can trigger this hormonal mechanism in the body.

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