Quiz 4: Research Design Alternatives and Qualitative Research


Independent variable: An independent variable includes the data variable that remains unaffected despite of the changes in other factors. For example, factors such as eating habits and other routine activities do not change with change in the age of a person. Hence, age can be considered as an independent data variable. Dependent variable: A dependent data variable includes those variables that changes with the change in other factors. For instance, score of a student depends on different factors including the study time, resting period or consumption of food. Therefore, score would be considered as a dependable variable. Extraneous variables: Extraneous data variables comprise various undesirable data variables. These variables manipulate the relationship between different data variables that are being examined. These data variables manipulate the outcome of a process. Hence, they can impact the accuracy of results by introducing errors to a process. These variables are utilized by the researchers to perform their research work.

Exploratory research design: Exploratory research is the method of gaining the background data of the research problem. Example of a problem that needs to use exploratory research design: Suppose Company A witnessed a sudden downfall in market share. To know the reason behind this problem, an exploration of the related cause is needed. Hence, the need of the hour is an exploratory research. An exploratory research helps in obtaining background informationas well as the source of the problem. In other words, exploratory research provides a near perfect situation analysis. This provides clarity in defining terms, and hence, can provide a more precise terminology which explains the phenomenon wisely.

Descriptive research helps to answer the questions of what, who, when, where and how. It helps to observe and describe various perspective of a research work. • Many scientific areas such as social studies, political science and psychology apply this research to obtain an overview plan of the content. • Descriptive research helps to gather information regarding the current status of a phenomenon with respect to the different variables and conditions of a situation. • It would help to establish a relationship between different variables and its impact on the surrounding environment. Thus, descriptive research would help to identify and analyze the problems and opportunities of the market.