Quiz 2: The Marketing Research Industry


PRC ( Professional Researcher Certification) certification program took the effort of many people and the MRA coordinated the certification plan with several other organizations that serve the industry. The program mentioned by COO Durby in the opening vignette, has been very successful and continues to adapt in order to make the certification program a viable service to the industry.

The first continuous and organized research began in 1911 by Charles Coolidge Parlin. • Parlin is working as a schoolmaster from Wisconsin after he got an offer from Curtis's publishing company. • He joined as a marketing researcher and developer for advertisement in Curtis's company. • Parlin collects the customer feedback details from the market, which helped to increase the Curtis's growth. • Parlin information is very successful to lead Curtis's company in the market and every Saturday evening Parlin post the magazine regarding "market research". • After this magazine, he was called as "father of marketing research". Every year people who are good at market research were awarded under the name 'Parlin'. Thus, the Charles Coolidge Parlin is the first man who conducted marketing research.

The Marketing research was not well-known to the industrial revolution due to the following reasons: • Marketing research is not widespread to the industrial revolution because the industries and owners are located very near to customer location. • When industries need to improve the company growth, owners and salesman are need to study the customer requirement. • The owner directly communicates with the customers. Therefore, they do not need separate research department. Hence, marketing research is very bad in industry. • But the owners, artisan or salesman are seeing the customers daily. They are well known to the customer needs and are aware of the likes and dislikes of the customer. • Marketing researchers are required only for industries that are located away from the customers. • Marketing research improvement is the need of the hour for various companies. The marketing industry accounts for having worth more than $500 billion. It is for big industries that they have separate planning department, design department, manufacturing department, purchasing department and advertising department. There is only limited number of big companies in the market. Thus, the marketing research needs only industries that are located away from customer point. Therefore, it is not well known to the industrial revolution.