Quiz 13: Translation of Mrna


The start codon (AUG - Methionine) is existed at 5 th base in the given sequence. Other consequent amino acids are Glycine (GGC), Aspargine (AAU), Lysine (AAA), Proline (CCG), Glycine (GGC), Glutamine (CAG), and STOP (UAA).

The codons are made up of 3 bases here, both G and C occupied 50% if we multiply this 0.5% ×0.5×0.5 total we get the value 0.125 or 12.5% of each of the eight possible codons and according to the genetic code table 13.1 we can predict the amino acids incorporated with 25% arginine (CGG and CGC), 25% alanine (GCC and GCG), 25% Proline (CCC and CCG), 25% glycine (GGG and GGC).

Ribosomes are large macromolecular assemblies made up of rRNA and multiple of small and complex proteins. There is no wastage of cellular energy; here, huge number of proteins required they act as scaffold and maintains the current structure of ribosomes and also helps the rRNA molecule in protein synthesis. The subunits also accommodate three sites called A (aminoacyl), P (peptidyl) and E (exit) sites.