Quiz 2: Mendelian Inheritance


The work of Mendel refuted the idea of blending inheritance. Because the test conducted by him was on the phenotypic expression of pea-pod colors. The tests never resulted in yellow-green pea-pods; their colors were all either yellow or green.

The advantages for selecting pea plant as experimental plant are as follows: • It has only two alleles. Lower the number of alleles, greater the scope of observing changes in the alleles. • It can grow faster and easily. The faster growth aid in getting quick results. • They produce offsprings, which have ability to self-fertilize. The self-fertilization in offsprings will avoid any involvement of foreign alleles.

This is a 4 x 4 cross. A Punnett square would have 28 or 256 cells. Filling in a Punnett square of that size is a mind-boggling, time-consuming task. If you were student in this class, you should choose the group that produces the genotype using single-gene Punnett squares and the product rule. Knowing the genotype, it is a relatively simple task to construct the phenotypE.