Quiz 19: Managing Organisational Projects


A suicide project could be categorized as having to fix some plumbing that the fixer has practically no knowledge about. A kamikaze project could be developing a non-profit charity from scratch, with little support from others. An ugly project could be writing a de-bugging code that is relatively easy to understand, but is extremely long and labor-intensive. A mission impossible project could be coming up with a new patentable and lucrative idea based on a premise that the inventor is highly knowledge in and has experience working on.

The three interdependent variables that shape project management are time, scope, and resources. These three variables are important to a social media software development project because they define the constraints by which the project manager must abide by. The scope of the project will tell the manager what the project requires. The time of the project will set the pace, and if the timing is wrong, the project will fail. Finally the resources present the physical reality by which the project manager must conduct the development of the software. A project with a very expansive scope with a small time to complete will simply not be completed if the resources are not available.

A suicide project could have been reduced in scope and provided additional time and resources to ensure its success. A suicide project tends to have a high chance of failure because it is not allocated enough time or resources, or because its scope is way too prohibitive of allowing success.