Quiz 17: Developing Software to Streamline Operations


Ambiguous business requirements are the leading cause of system development failures because they introduce inconsistencies in interpretations at the initial phase of a project. This dissent in interpretations can be undetectable at first, but becomes apparent in later portions of the system life cycle. Thus, these ambiguities introduce hard to identify problems right at the beginning of a project. These problems eventually grow in size, and are detected once it is too late to define an effective and expedient fix.

The most critical phase of the development life cycle for building a social networking website is the maintenance phase. During this phase, the social network will grow, develop, attract users, and evolve based on what users prefer. It is in this phase, that the success of the social network will be decided.

These words lead to ambiguous requirements because people employ different rules of logic to interpret the meanings of sentences containing "and" and "or". For example, some people might interpret the word "and" in a sentence to mean to do two things simultaneously, while others might interpret it to mean to do one thing followed by another.

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