Quiz 11: Building a Customer-Centric Organisation - Customer Relationship Management


The customers can be found out dramatically by the use of CRM tools and technology. The RV owners cannot be found out easily. The improvement in search is due to the advancement in technology. With the help of certain tools, RV owners can be searched quickly. The search has become quite simple, easy and effective.

The first part of the business process is for the information to be transferred from the social medial site to company A's database. This information is then sorted by the company's machine learning algorithm into a category relevant to the website user's query. This information is then presented in the digital dashboard to the customer, along with any other information that matches the customer's query. Finally, the customer can use this information in his own business for whatever goal he intends.

Operational customer relationship management provides support to the traditional processing of the transaction for the day-to-day operations of front-office that directly deals with the clients. Analytical Customer relationship management provides support to the strategic analysis and back-office operations and takes account of all operations that do not directly deal with the clients. The main difference between analytical CRM and operational CRM is the direct communication among the customers and the organization. Info USA can practice customer relationship management for everything starting from knowing the name of customer's till the customer's birthday. There are also several methods that info USA can prolong its reach. This also includes personalization with the help of a website that provides data that consumers might want. This also helps to provide information to the companies who require it.