Quiz 9: Enabling the Organisation - Decision Making


DoD is using Ai in following ways: • DoD is using vehicles with AI technology to travel long distance. Such vehicles help to improve DoD's operations significantly. • DoD also use robots and other devices to monitor the activities of the people. • Devices employing AI technology are also used to carry out certain medical procedures.

The three types of decision making systems are operational, managerial, and strategic. Operational decision making focuses on maintaining the performance of core, day-to-day business activities. Managerial decision making attempts to improve a company's reaction and adaptability to change. This type of decision making has as its goal to continuously improve the company's practices. Strategic decision making deals with unstructured decisions that will affect the future of the company in the long-term. A customer of the company involved in operational decision making might use the company's website to track down the best rated vendors for supplies. On the managerial level, a customer of the company could use the website to forecast changes in demand in the coming months. At the strategic level, the company's website could be used to identify emerging technologies that could become future competitors. Once these threats have been identified, the executive at the strategic level can begin planning appropriate counter-measures to the emerging threats.

The DGC is capable of producing a variety of ideas from multiple sources which would result in more efficient technology. DoD use event like DCG to gather genius minds of the country and allow them to work in order to create autonomous vehicles. This will help DoD improve the technology, while the winning team will receive the prize and notoriety. Moreover, conducting the contest will reduce the overall cost for DoD. Reason being, producing and testing so many models on their own would be very costly.