Quiz 8: Accessing Organisational Information - Data Warehouse


B J keeps a track of the elements, components and life in a data storeroom. If a customer calls has a grievance, the customer relationship staff ties up the pint with which dealer's mile, cherries or eggs, etc. This did not encounter the establishment's near-obsession with superiority. This tool assists B J to get official access and helps them to analyse and act on the information. This data is collected by the departments like finance, sales and purchasing.

A business would want to display information in a graphic or visual format, primarily to convey multiple points of information in one or a few simple images. Graphics and other images allow data that could otherwise occupy a large spreadsheet, to be shown in a much more direct manner. In this way, data visualization allows for the detection of correlations that could have otherwise not been detected from looking at the raw data. Another reason a business would want to display information in a visual format is to enhance its marketing capabilities. Potential customers would often times rather see the data pertinent to their decision-making process in the form of a graphic or chart, rather than a cumbersome data table. Finally, a visual format can allow a business to present information in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This provides the business with the option of using a wide arsenal of graphic design tools to present the information it wants to convey in a myriad of ways.

Company Cal.PK is a leading casual dining chain in the segment of premium pizza. It has a very recognised consumer brand with loyal customer base. It is operating in many countries and states across the globe. Information Cleansing or Scrubbing: It can be defined as a process through which organizations maintain high-quality data by removing data out and discard incorrect , irrelevant, or incomplete data from the data warehouse. Information cleansing and scrubbing is very important to the Company Cal.PK. Since, it removes out all the wrinkles in Cal.PK's spreadsheets and makes everything in smoother flow. It provides real time information to Company Cal.PK about every store across the countries. It also facilitates the company to spend less time on collecting and reviewing the customers' data.