Quiz 7: Storing Organisational Information - Databases


The number of organizations having one's personal information would vary from individual to individual. Usually following organizations have access to someone's personal information: • Colleges • Banks • Credit/ Debit Card Companies • Insurance Companies • Government Agencies

Database technology is integral to modern business because it provides one source from which the business can draw upon all the data related to its operations. In this way, businesses can conduct analysis of their sales, customers, operations, and any other information that can help it optimize its practices. By relying on data, businesses can use scientific and quantitative methods to further improve their operations, lower costs, and implement value adding initiatives. In short, databases allow businesses to do more with their data, increase their performance, reduce information redundancy, increase information quality, and increase information security.

The personal information of a student is stored at the college. The information which is stored includes the following: • Date of Birth • Parents' Names • Address • Contact Number • Email Ids • Enrollment Number Information of the student can be stolen from the college under following circumstances: • Information can be stolen from the college if the information is accessed by any unauthorized individual. • If the staff of the college is involved in some illegal activity, he can steal the information purposely. • The information can also be stolen in case of the virus or spyware attack.