Quiz 6: Valuing Organisational Information


Transaction Information: The transaction information includes the entire information present in a work unit or business process. The main purpose of transaction information is to maintain the day to day operational tasks. Analytical Information: The analytical information comprises of the entire organizational information and the main purpose is to maintain the execution of managerial and analytical task. The analytical information is utilized by a spotlight to form analytical decisions. This information consists of family sizes, individual's names, spending patterns, and neighbourhood details to categorize the Americans who are eligible to vote into tribes of 10 "values." This information is used further to take analytical decisions like finding swing voters and voting areas.

A business would want to display information in a graphic or visual format, primarily to convey more information in one or a few simple images. Graphics and other images allow data that could otherwise occupy a large spreadsheet, to be shown in a much more direct manner. Another reason a business would want to display information in a visual format is to enhance its marketing capabilities. Potential customers would often see the data pertinent to their decision-making in the form of a graphic or chart, rather than a cumbersome data table. Finally, a visual format can allow a business to present information in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This provides the business with the option of using a wide arsenal of graphic design tools to present the information it wants to convey in a myriad of ways.

Spotlight: The Spotlight is a tool used by political parties to micro target the relevant required information. • The provided information by the spotlight should meet the quality standards. • The Spotlight is used to gather transaction information which further helps in making analytical decisions. • Irrelevant, incomplete, inconsistent or wrong information would create wrong predictions that are neglected by the spotlight. • It is an efficient way to find out the potential voters. • Helps to identify individual behaviours from an enormous group. These are all the importance of high-quality information produced by the spotlight tool.