Quiz 16: Personal Selling and Sales Promotion


Integrated marketing communications coordinate promotional activities such as media advertising, personal selling, direct mail, sales promotion, sponsorship, and public relations. Role of integrated marketing communication (IMC): • Movement of the marketing strategy from the mass marketing to customer oriented strategy. • Identify and communicate the target market of the firm and the characteristics of the each consumer of the firm. • Create a complete database comprising customer information, brand preferences, lifestyle considerations, demographic data, and buying behavior. • Design an effective integrated marketing communication system achieving organizational goals for growing profits and sales. • Efficiently gather and manage huge amount of data for specific analyses. • Use direct sampling method to obtain opinions about the customer in respect to the goods and services of a particular firm. Benefits of integrated marketing communication (IMC): • Integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategy develops customer oriented marketing programs. • The system is receiver focused rather being product focused. • The strategy begins with the customer wants and needs and not the organizational goods and services. • It views the promotional mix with a combine goal to satisfy the customer. • Organization provides unified, consistent or else it may send conflicting information that might confuse the consumers.

It must be agreed with the thought of "SR" because people of advertising agency need a comfortable work environment which could enable them to study the market better and implement innovative thoughts in creating, planning and handling of advertisements for the clients. Thus, the way you treat the people of agency reflects on the way they treat and respond to the clients and their requirements. Apart from marketing and advertising, a person in every other field of operation needs an innovative and creative thought. But however the creative thought of people at work can come from any of the sources, while its implementation needs much of effort for planning, scheduling and operation required in generating successful output of innovative thought. Hence the expression of a creative thought requires much hard work than arriving a thought.

Advertising is the foremost marketing function that which focuses on the objective of bringing sellers and buyers together. Advertising is said to be effective when it could perform all the three objectives of advertising which are informing, persuading, reminding. However, the people engaged in building advertising for organizations and clients try to adopt, various advertising strategies such as comparative advertising, celebrity advertising, interactive advertising etc., to get at least one objective of advertising fulfilled. Although the celebrity advertising strategy adopted by advertisers is a key strategy, which could boost up sale of products or services, through its increased advertiser readership as well as improved efficiency. It does have some pros and cons. Pros: Recognition of product becomes effective through celebrity fame, which would be described with a term called "Clutter" by advertisers. • Improved believability on products • Improved recall of product • Improved recognition in product Cons: • Confusion in market place due to increased production promotion by single celebrity • With a problem of remembering customers may sometimes link the celebrity promotion with some other competitor brand • Problem with celebrity credibility towards promotion of brand For example, choosing James an athlete for its promotion is considered as the effective celebrity promotion of the world's largest beverage company CC. It would notify the customers about the energy and strength its beverages could revitalize.

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