Quiz 14: Communicating Customer Value: Integrated Marketing Communications


Marketing intermediary: Any firm that operates between consumers, producers, or business users is known as marketing intermediary. Wholesalers and retailers are both marketing intermediary. The following are the roles of marketing intermediary: A wholesaler is an intermediary that takes title to the goods it handles and then distributes these goods to retailer, distributors, or sometimes end customers. A retailer owns a store and it is operated by someone other than manufacturer of the product that it sells.

Massive natural calamities like the earthquake and Tsunami which hit Japan and flood in Thailand gave a major setback to the manufacturing industries. In both the cases, the supply chain of automobiles and micro-chip and hard drive industries got affected badly. This total disruption of supply chain of these industries caused many figures to get spoilt in the CFO account books, as these caused the revenues to decrease. Since supply chain disruption was the main cause of worry, so, the companies tried to go for lean manufacturing, where there is lesser requirement of the chain being long. Rather approaches like Just In Time manufacturing, where manufacturing is done of volume for which the order is received and delivered and shipped fast. Another strategy which was adopted by some companies was to opt for the backup system which would facilitate the storage of finished products, so that they can be delivered whenever required. Among these two options, the choice of lean manufacturing is a better one since it does not require the backup and storage of goods and materials.

Product: Temperature sensitive vending machines will charge more for hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and cocoa during cold weather. Statement: "The temperature sensitive vending machine will be successful." Justification: The machine will be more profitable in colder countries, because people will prefer hot drinks in a cold climate. The vending machine should target upper middle class people who will be ready to pay more money for the product if they attain a comfortable experience. To succeed in hot climate countries , the company must install a vending machine that sells cold drinks such as iced tea, soft drinks, and other packed drinks. The vending machine should be placed in the right place where there would be frequent visits of target people such as in convenience stores, malls, or department stores.

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