Q 26

Use the table below to answer the following question(s). Shirley Templeton is a real estate agent for Paralol Realty.Shirley is given the responsibility to manage potential customers for 5 of the Realty's bungalows.These 5 bungalows are situated in close proximity.In order to make traveling easire, Shirley decides to move to a location closer to the 5 bungalows.The table below gives the location (X and Y coordinates)of the 5 bungalows along with the number of trips she would have to make to each bungalow.Create a nonlinear model based on the data given in the table below noting that the objective is to reduce the weighted distance between Shirley's accommodation and the 5 bungalows. img -According to the model, what is the weighted distance between Shirley's new accommodation and Bungalow 4? A)589.25 B)346.77 C)1529.39 D)3152.08

Multiple Choice