[Solved] First Use Front-End Rounding to Estimate and Then Find the Exact

Question 211

First use front-end rounding to estimate and then find the exact answer. (See Examples.) img Adding Decimal Numbers Add 45.93 + 14.017 + 96.5432. SOLUTION First, align place values by lining up the decimal points. img Although not required, you can add trailing zeros if you wish so that each number has the same number of digits to the right of the decimal point. Then, add from right to left. img Adding Dollars Exam and Cents img During a recent week, a manager made the following bank deposits to a business account: $1783.38, $4341.15, $2175.94, $896.23, and $2562.53. Use front-end rounding to estimate the total deposits and then find the total deposits. SOLUTION img The total deposits for the week were $11,759.23, which is close to our estimate.

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