[Solved] TABLE 10-15 The Table Below Presents the Summary Statistics for the Starting

Question 206
Multiple Choice

TABLE 10-15
The table below presents the summary statistics for the starting annual salaries (in thousands of dollars) for individuals entering the public accounting and financial planning professions.
Sample I (public accounting): img ₁ = 60.35, S₁ = 3.25, n₁ = 12
Sample II (financial planning): img ₂ = 58.20, S₂ = 2.48, n₂ = 14
Test whether the mean starting annual salaries for individuals entering the public accounting professions is higher than that of financial planning assuming that the two population variances are the same.
-Referring to Table 10-15, what assumptions are necessary for testing whether there is evidence of a difference in the variances to be valid?

A) Both sampled populations are normally distributed.
B) Both samples are random and independent.
C) Neither A nor B is necessary.
D) Both A and B are necessary.

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