To Perform Effectively and Compassionately as a Radiologic Sciences Professional,it

Question 3
Multiple Choice

To perform effectively and compassionately as a radiologic sciences professional,it is important to understand the areas of human cultural diversity.These may include 1)social organizations. 2)phobias. 3)symbolism. 4)space. 5)time. 6)communication. A)1,3,4,and 6 only. B)1,2,3,and 5 only. C)1,4,5,and 6 only. D)2,3,and 6 only.

C To provide high-quality and effective care for all patients,health care providers need to understand six areas of human cultural diversity and how these areas influence the delivery of care.The areas of human cultural diversity include communication,space,time,environmental control,biologic variations,and social organizations.