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A Poll Was Taken of 14,972 Working Adults Aged 40-70A Person Is Selected at Random

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Multiple Choice

A poll was taken of 14,972 working adults aged 40-70 to determine their level of education. The participants were classified by sex and by level of education. The results were as follows
 Education Level  Male  Female  Total  High School or Less 359427296323 Bachelor’s Degree 324536526897 Master’s Degree 566401967 Ph.D. 6342105 Total 7468682414,292\begin{array} { c c c c } \hline \text { Education Level } & \text { Male } & \text { Female } & \text { Total } \\\hline \text { High School or Less } & 3594 & 2729 & 6323 \\\text { Bachelor's Degree } & 3245 & 3652 & 6897 \\\text { Master's Degree } & 566 & 401 & 967 \\\text { Ph.D. } & 63 & 42 & 105 \\\hline \text { Total } & 7468 & 6824 & 14,292\end{array}
A person is selected at random. Compute the probability that the person is female and has a bachelor's degree.


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