[Solved] Match the Following Bond and Long-Term Liability Related Terms to the Appropriate

Question 190
Multiple Choice

Match the following bond and long-term liability related terms to the appropriate definition. a. Long-term liability b. Face value c. Debenture bonds d. Serial bonds e. Callable bonds f. Face rate of interest g. Market rate of interest h. Bond issue price i. Premium j. Discount k. Effective interest method of amortization l. Carrying value m. Gain or loss on redemption -All of the following are considered to be long-term liabilities for Parsons Company except:

A) Bonds issued this year due in 10 years.
B) The third year payments for a three-year lease signed this year.
C) The current year portion of Deferred taxes.
D) The principal of a note payable signed this year, but due in five years.

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