[Solved] SCENARIO 13-15 the Superintendent of a School District Wanted to Predict the Predict

Question 191
Multiple Choice

The superintendent of a school district wanted to predict the percentage of students passing a sixth- grade proficiency test.She obtained the data on percentage of students passing the proficiency test (% Passing), mean teacher salary in thousands of dollars (Salaries), and instructional spending per pupil in thousands of dollars (Spending) of 47 schools in the state.
Following is the multiple regression output with Y = % Passing as the dependent variable,
X1 =
Salaries and
X 2 = Spending: img
-Referring to SCENARIO 13-15, which of the following is the correct null hypothesis to test whether instructional spending per pupil has any effect on percentage of students passing the proficiency test, considering the effect of mean teacher salary? img

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