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Gaston Bought a Toaster Made by Robinson Electric Co

Question 30
Multiple Choice
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Multiple Choice

Gaston bought a toaster made by Robinson Electric Co. One day while using the toaster, it exploded causing him to sustain serious injury. The accident occurred either as a result of faulty parts supplied by the parts manufacturer, negligent assembly by the toaster manufacturer or negligent handling by the local retailer. Gaston sued Robinson Electric, the parts manufacturer and the local retailer for his injuries. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A)There will be a presumption that the manufacturer is responsible for the injuries caused.
B)Gaston has to prove specifically which of the three companies was responsible for the defect causing his injuries.
C)If each of the three defendant are unable to prove which one of them was responsible for the accident, none of them can be held liable.
D)If each of the three defendants are unable to prove which one of them was responsible for the accident, they may all be held equally liable.
E)Gaston can sue only the manufacturer of the toaster.

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