[Solved] FADH2 Is a Less Powerful Reducing Agent (Electron Donor) Than

Question 17
Multiple Choice
Question 17

FADH2 is a less powerful reducing agent (electron donor) than NADH.What is the consequence of this in oxidative phosphorylation?

A)FADH2 requires more steps than NADH does in electron transport to become oxidized.
B)The electrons from FADH2 enter electron transport at a higher energy level than the electrons from NADH.
C)A molecule of FADH2 is only capable of producing 2 molecules of ATP, while a molecule of NADH is capable of producing 3 molecules of ATP.
D)Oxidation of FADH2 occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell, while oxidation of NADH occurs in the mitochondria.
E)FADH2 can only donate 1 phosphate group to ATP, while NADH can donate 2 phosphate groups to ATP.

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