James and Matt Are Retailers in Musical Instruments

Question 102
Multiple Choice

James and Matt are retailers in musical instruments.They trade,sell and buy all sorts of musical instruments.James sends an offer to Matt.James offers to sell to Matt a limited edition baby grand piano,for $10,000.Matt sends an e-mail to James saying that he will buy the piano,but that James must tune the piano.James delivers the piano without it being tuned,is James under an obligation to tune the piano? A) No, tuning the piano was an additional term that became a proposed addition. B) No, because James did not agree to tune the piano. C) Yes, because tuning the piano became part of the contract when Matt sent his acceptance. D) Yes, because James agreed to tune the piano when he delivered the piano to Matt. E) Yes, because the delivery of the piano un-tuned is considered a non-conforming good.